Club History

The formation of Box Hill Central Rotary Club was a reflection of the growth in the Box Hill District Centre in the 1970's and 1980's.  In particular, the Prospect Street office precinct had been developed and many of our Charter members were drawn from this area. 

Our Club was formally Chartered 25th May 1990 at the Box Hill Town Hall with over 250 in   attendance, including representatives from over 28 Rotary Clubs.

Relay for Life & Operation Cleft

Bilateral Cleft - before and after photos of Morshida
2000-2001  Peter Enlund
2001-2002  Ken Rice
2002-2003  Malcolm Chiverton
2003-2004  Ken Clark
2004-2005  Lesley Bell
2005-2006  Michael Kirk
2006-2007  Brian Martin
2007-2008  Tony Stokes
2008-2009  Greg Cooper
2009-2010  Geoff Limmer
History of BHC 2000-2010.pdf

First Ten Years

1990-1991  Brian McPhail
​1991-1992  Ian Port
1992-1993  Joanne Wilkinson
1993-1994  Murray Baird
​1994-1995  Andrew Forgas
1995-1996  Ralston Wood
1996-1997  John Lawrence
1997-1998  Philipa De Voil
1998-1999  Trevor Dalziel
1999-2000  Jenny Wickland
History of BHC 1990-2000.pdf
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Operation Toilets,
Indigenous Projects & End Slavery

​2010-2011  Lindsay Mackay
​2011-2012  Tony De Fazio
2012-2013  Michelle Hart
2013-2014  Bruce McEwen
2014-2015  Don Sweeney
2015-2016  Kevin Dobson
2016-2017  Owen Jenkin
2017-2018  Olive Aumann
​2018-2019  Gay Morris
2019-2020  Mark Balla
2021-2022  Kath Ronan
2022-2023  Julian Badenach
2023-2024 Reg Ellery