We use our knowledge of local issues to identify areas of need, then apply our expertise and diverse perspectives to the problem. Our Rotary members are most likely at work in your community right now feeding the hungry, tutoring children, maintaining parks, and more. You can help.

What would you like to do?

Box Hill Central Club provides almost limitless opportunities for volunteering.  Some Club members prefer ''hands-on" activities while others are more comfortable with the ''planning or management'' of projects - fortunately we have plenty of both! See below for typical projects.

Not only do we have a wide range of local community projects around Box Hill, our members also volunteer on humanitarian projects in indigenous communities and around the world.  Our Club has completed projects in Bangladesh, Africa, India, Timor Leste, Nepal and PNG.








Hands-on Volunteering

Here are some of the things we do!
  • We volunteer at the Whitehorse Farmers Market and collect gold coin donations which we use to support local organisations in the Whitehorse area.
  • We run a BBQ outside Bunnings, a few times a year, to raise funds.   This is a popular activity amongst Club members - and thank you to Bunnings - this is a good fund raiser!
  • Some of our members volunteer at the Bungalook Nursery and Wattle Hill Community Gardens.
  • We have social activities; film nights, picnics, company visits - something for everyone.

Our Pakistan and Ethiopian Teams at the 2023 MUNA Event.
Our Ethiopian Team achieved overall Best Delegation. 

Youth Programs

  • Leadership programs for local secondary school students
    ​Rotary has always had a major focus on youth leadership training and our Club supports programs such as the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF), Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA), Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) and citizenship awards.  
  • Support for TAFE and university students
    ​Many school students and even some mature age TAFE students have financial problems for many reasons. Supporting education by helping needy and disadvantaged students is dear to the heart of Rotary and our Club has a range of support programs to assist students with scholarships for TAFE and University students to
Operation Cleft management meeting

Planning and Management Activities

  • We have an opportunity shop, "Rotary Recycle" in Box Hill south near the Wattle Park tram terminus.  Rotarians manage the shop and it is staffed by a large team of local community volunteers.
  • We manage two amazing charitable foundations - Operation Cleft and Operation Toilets.  These are supported by Rotary Clubs, individuals and corporations all over Australia and increasingly overseas as well.  
At work in the Men's Shed

Community Programs

  • Whitehorse Men's Shed
    Our Club was key to the establishment of the Whitehorse Men's Shed in August 2006.  With much support from Carrington Health and other Rotary Clubs, the Shed has gone from strength to strength.   Men's Sheds are a uniquely Australian concept with over 500 Sheds around the country. The Shed is a place for men to be in a supportive social environment where they have purpose and value.     
  • Indigenous Support
    Box Hill Central Club has established a connection with Canteen Creek, a remote indigenous community, 7 hours north of Alice Springs.  Club members have visited the community on a number of occasions and have completed a number of projects under the direction of the community's leaders.  In addition, we have an on-going project supplying goods to the community for sale in their Op Shop.  Great care has been exercised to ensure that projects are requested by the community leaders rather than what we think they need. 
  • Dinner Tonight
    As well as an annual donation of $2,500, our Club volunteers at New Hope Community Care in Blackburn which  serves Saturday night dinner to over 100 local disadvantaged and homeless persons. Club members setup the hall for the evening meal, set the tables and then help serve the meal.
  • Eastern Emergency Relief Network
    Our Club is a long-term supporter of Eastern Emergency Relief Network which collects and stores furniture and household effects, storing and redistributing through member agencies to those in need.  On occasions surplus items from Rotary Recycle are provided to the Eastern Emergency Relief Network.